Thoughtfully designed, free and powerful.

Shaolinq is a powerful ORM and Linq provider for C# and .NET.


PM> Install-Package Shaolinq -Version 1.9.5

Paste this into the NuGet package manager console

Full support for LINQ to SQL

Shaolinq is a powerful ORM and LINQ provider for C# and .NET. It provides a thoughtful and fast alternative to LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework. Shaolinq simplifies development by providing one-to-many and many-to-many relationship support within the object model and LINQ.

Full support for popular database systems

Shaolinq supports many popular database providers including SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Developers can easily add support for new providers with minimal effort.

Simplifies Object Relational Modelling

Shaolinq features a code first object model, automatic schema creation and full support for async/await. It has support for recursively including collection properties, and handles all necessary and complex joins for you. The unique deflated reference architecture allows partial object updates and references without the prerequisite reads required by most other ORMs.

Better performance than competitors

We built Shaolinq with performance in mind and aimed to create a system that is as fast as using direct SQL statements. Shaolinq offers extremely fast performance by using dynamically generated code and LINQ query caching, and avoids slow reflection calls.